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Dialogue For Change


More Than A Moment

Artistic Synergy of Baltimore’s Dialogue For Change series brings to our audiences and the theater community a platform to perform, watch, and discuss important issues that our world faces.  

We will showcase projects that open conversation on topics such as Race Relations, Women’s Rights, The Importance of Voting, Immigration, World Politics, Environmental Issues, Suicide, and so much more.

Each production will be followed with an opportunity to discuss the show/reading/script and the human issue that inspired the piece.

We are very excited to share this new way to engage with our audiences, as well as the opportunity to open conversations with our fellow world citizens

The Dialogue For Change Series is about more than just the issue of the day. We believe that issues should always be examined and discussed. This is more than a moment.


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Join us as we shine a light on Sexual Double Standards Content Warning: Descriptions of sex, rape, slut-shaming. October 23, 2021 @ 7pm Online Event


Race In America: Episode 2 April 2022 @ 7pm Online Event



No Date

The Taming: A Bi-partisan satire

October 2020