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Auditions – Importance of Being Earnest


Audition Information

All Roles Open, Non-Union, Non-Paid

In-Person or Video Submission

Please prepare:

  • 1 or 2 monologue(s) from published plays, preferably pre-1950
    • You MAY prepare a selection from the script!
    • Sides will also be provided at in-person auditions or you may request a side via email before submitting.
  • A few prepared sentences to show off your most confident British/English or another dialect with which you’re comfortable (see for examples)
    • Feel free to use publicly-available selections from the script.
    • We only want to know where you stand now with the dialects. Focus on showing us how you work, not just that you speak in a dialect/accent well!
  • To attend callbacks (if at all possible) to read sides with other actors. There will be a brief reading/rehearsal period. Please allow up to 10-20 mins for callbacks!

Video Submissions

For those auditioning via video:

  • Send 1 video file with your entire audition, in an email sent to, with all other necessary information.
    • Videos should be in one of these formats: .AVCHD, .AVI, .MP4, .M4P, .M4V, .MPG, .MP2, .MPEG, .MPE, .MPV, .OGG, .WMV, .MOV, or .QT. (Please send any questions or concerns in an email prior to your submission.)
  • Please use the email subject “Earnest Audition – YourLastName, YourFirstName” or similar, to help us keep submissions organized.
  • Again, please include ALL other necessary information (see All Auditions Section) in the email or in a separate attached file, and don’t submit multiple videos.

DIRECTOR: Will Meister Murray


Show Dates & Times:

October 13 – 22 (Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00pm / Sundays @ 3:00pm)

Tech Week: Saturday, October 7 – Thursday, October 12

Expected Rehearsal Days:

  • Monday OR Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings
  • dialect and scene-work on some available Wednesday Evenings OR available Saturday afternoons

Exact timing subject to finalized cast availability.


Audition Form

Click here to fill out the Online Audition Form

Or you can download the printed Artistic Synergy of Baltimore Audition Form

Audition Dates & Times

In-Person Auditions will be held:

Monday 8/21 @ 6:30pm – 9:30pm

If you are not available during the dates and times listed above, but would still like to audition in-person, please email to discuss any options.

Video submissions will be accepted through:

Saturday, August 19

and can be sent to

Info to be posted on Facebook as well.

All Auditioners

Please bring to the audition (or send prior to audition to the following:

  • The audition form can be filled out in-person at auditions or can be sent via email. (The audition form download here.) 
  • the completed audition form (Audition Form Download) 
  • a recent picture or headshot of you, if you have one
  • a theater resume or show history, if you have one
  • any known conflicts (Conflicts for Tech Week or show dates will not be accepted)

All Roles Are Open

Non-Precast, All Roles Are Non-Paid, Non-Union

For more information:

Call – 410-833-5181, or

Write –


Directions For In-Person

Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church

8212 Philadelphia Road

Rosedale, MD 21237

In-Person Auditioners should park in the back parking lot. Look for the side door to the left, when facing the building from the back parking lot, and follow signage to the audition sign-in table.

Info to be posted on Facebook as well.


8-9 performers, depending on double-cast roles

  • “Jack/ie” Worthing (any gender, 20’s-40’s, coupled with G. Fairfax) is owner of a manor and estate in the English countryside, and an attractive, charismatic, sometimes-serious person. Jack visits London to enjoy life and see their friend Algy, but is distracted at first by their proposal, then with the aftermath, and finally with family secrets… Jackie should hide just a bit of mystery, and they should seem like they live their life feeling cautiously lucky.
  • Algernon “Algy” Moncrieff (any gender, 20’s-40ish, coupled with C. Cardew) is a witty, charming, fashionable friend of J. Worthing’s, who sees J. only in London… until now. Algy is observant, which gets them into “scrapes,” but for them it’s all – mostly – well-intentioned. Instinct and optimism says they have roguish habits, but a heart of gold. Although Algy’s loud about wanting to be single ‘til death, they wind up lovingly married with humorously, suspiciously little resistance.
  • Honorable G. Fairfax (any gender, 20’s-40’s, coupled with J. Worthing), J.’s fiancée and Algy’s Cousin, G./Gwendolen is an eloquent, focused, overachiever, the kind of person whose personality itself pulls people in like gravity. Whether loving or hating, Gwen shouldn’t display emotions too calmly. Jumping (in a fun way, rather than in manic ways) between topics or moods, they should have spark and the ability to become as severe as Lady Bracknell when needed.
  • Cardew (any gender, 20’s-30’s and youngest-looking, coupled with Algy Moncrieff) is J. Worthing’s secret adoptee, who lives at the house in the country. C./Cecily may put on a bit of a “young and silly” facade, to hide how creative, determined, and resourceful they can be. When C. interacts with scene partners, consider who is really in control… but also, Cecily should have an infectious joy for life, capable of melting hearts and genuinely changing minds.
  • Lady Augusta Bracknell (any gender actor, likely femme character, 40’s-70’s) is an older, opinionated member of high society, Algy’s aunt, and G. Fairfax’s mother. An iconic, antagonistic force of nature, she should have intensity behind every syllable coming out of her mouth – Gwen has to get it from somewhere! Bracknell is clearly an expert in letting everybody know exactly what she thinks about them… without ever saying much out loud, of course. Stage presence, projection, and vocal quality will be incredibly important for this role!
  • Prism (any gender, older than C. Cardew, coupled with Chasuble), Cecily’s governor/ness at the house in the country. Teacher and daily caretaker when J. Worthing is away in London, Prism should be instructive, but more lax now as their student has mostly grown up. Prism is a bit too openly-infatuated with Chasuble, and is the kind of person to get butterflies when talking to their crush… Cecily will both assist with and take advantage of this during the events of the play.
  • Rev. Dr. Chasuble (any gender, older than C. Cardew, coupled with Prism) is a local priest and educated person in the country, near the manor and estate. Chasuble returns Prism’s affections, but speaks nervously in metaphors and is terrible at flirting, in a lovable way – as is Prism. Eventually, Cecily will assist them. Chasuble could notice this and be grateful, or he could be completely oblivious to the larger goings-on in the play, with eyes only for Prism.
  • Lane (any gender/age, strong comedic role) is the last name used by Algy’s Servant in their London flat. Lane could come across calm, almost bored at times. They’re also as sarcastic as Algy can be, after years of sparring – Algy & Lane will need to have comedic chemistry. Please read below as well…
  • Merriman (any gender/age, strong comedic role) is the last name used by J. Worthing’s Butler in the country house. Merriman is often a bit frazzled, with the relative chaos in the later acts, and the actor playing this role would preferably be able to carry up to 15-25 pounds, briefly, above their head. Please read below as well…

Both Lane and Merriman’s characters could be examples of the “servant who knows more than it appears” trope, and these characters may be double-cast or they may not. Each role only appears in roughly half the play, and may or may not (depending on turnout) incorporate some more physical or prop-based comedy. Please indicate on your audition form if you would accept these roles, if double-cast, and please be sure to list any special talents for consideration!


Our goal is to be an ensemble of people from all backgrounds. Auditioners with special talents are encouraged to share those in their audition form. Special talents with positive value to this performance could include, but are not limited to:

  • piano/keyboard or any instrument-playing, even at less-than-expert level
  • your own instrument you’re willing to use and bring is a plus!
  • juggling or other acts or tricks linked to street performing or clowning
  • card, handkerchief, or other sleight-of-hand-based illusions or magic

Please Note (Intimacy & Caution Warning):

Some stage kissing and light physical touch, always fully-clothed, may be requested between characters in couples. Please indicate if you are unable to accept such a role, keeping in mind all information in the posting pertaining to the casting of these characters.

Some well-timed dodging-of-thrown-objects and other physical comedy moments may be requested of certain characters. Please indicate if you are unable to accept such an “active” role.

Artistic Synergy of Baltimore is a consent-based and trauma-informed organization and all ensemble members will be led through intimacy- and consent-based practices to choreograph and block all movements of the show. If you have questions regarding details or want more information about these practices, please email us at