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A big “THANK YOU” to those who have shown their support by making a donation to Artistic Synergy of Baltimore.

Would you like to become a recognized supporter? Please use the donation button below, and click on the Donation tab at the top of the page, to do so!


Sponsors & Supporters

Leading Angel Level – $500+

Congregation and Board of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Supporting Angel Level – $250 to $499

Benefactor Level – $100 to $249

Diane Edwards

Matthew & Andi Furhman

Bill Pheil

Patron Level $50 to $99

Sharon Canby

Michelle Bruno

Carol Fountain

Tory Graves

Eugene Jubilee, Jr.

Richelle Howie Lacewell

Cari Lichtman

Carolyn Mollenkopf

Anya Randall Nebel

Nicole Summons

Cheryl Taylor

Jenny Vrnak

8212 Philadelphia Rd. Rosedale, MD 21237